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Villagers – “Fool” Blink Ink ⇢ Music Video
Ghost To Ghost Matt Ley ⇢ Short
Mabel – One Shot Remix Sugarcane Media ⇢ Music Video
Paparazza Hidden Art Films ⇢ Short
Force Field Ben Valentine ⇢ Short
Cassia – Loosen Up Siona Davis ⇢ Music Video
Girls Who Drink My Accomplice ⇢ Short
Harvest East Head Films ⇢ Short
Sipprell – Personal x Journey Meghan Willcox ⇢ Music Video
Miles from Kinshasa – LIMBO BingBong Films ⇢ Music Video
The Innocent White Jacket Productions ⇢ Feature
Agent Ironneck La Paz Films ⇢ Short
FaMe WAHEY Productions ⇢ Short
Vanilla Sunday Nicole Westpfel ⇢ Short
Displaced Claudia Merlini ⇢ Short
In Sight Conch Productions ⇢ Short
Outwitting The Devil Root2Fruit Media ⇢ Concept